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In the middle of this morning, I went out to the garden, where I noticed that the small silver-ribbon-wrapped teddy bear had moved in the night. He (she? it’s hard to tell) had moved from where I’d left him, with his little head sticking out above a flower pot as in an Anne Geddes portrait, to a more comfortable position where he could rest his back. I remembered Carol’s advice to ask him about the pixies…

Also I remembered Lyn’s advice to look near the arch. I also remembered Siobahn’s interest inĀ  the parsley I bought at the car-boot sale. I ignored all of the advice, but I did move the car-boot parsely out of the greenhouse into the open air, so it could get some rain. This move necessitated the re-arrangement of several other pots, so that the newcomer could also get a share of any sunlight that might ever fall on this part of England. This is what I was moving around, as seen from eye level:

Pots seen from human level

As I reached for one of the small pots, I saw it like this:

Pots at pixie level

And then, I saw this:

Pot at teddy-bear level

I can’t think how the keys got underneath that pot! I have not touched it in at least 5 or six days, yet the keys disappeared only the day before yesterday. I didn’t go anywhere near those pots when I put the parsely out…at least, as far as I can remember. I think the only rational explanation is that the cats, pixies, and teddy bear worked together, for the fun of watching me play hide-and-seek (mostly seek) for 36 hours.

I would like to thank the friends and relatives on three continents who contributed support, psychic intuition, and common sense during this difficult time. I am especially grateful to the silver-wrapped teddy bear, who wishes to remain anonymous. May she guide your future searches.